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The Waves Effect offers students interested in the field of communications opportunities to work with real clients and develop skills necessary to succeed in the professional communication fields of public relations, advertising, marketing, and media, while gaining agency experience. 

Membership to The Waves Effect is open to both undergraduate and graduate students at Pepperdine University. We welcome students from all fields of study with all levels of experience.

 Faculty Advisor(s) - A position held by a distinguished faculty member of Pepperdine University’s Communication Division. The faculty advisor will specialize in strategic communication and mentor TWE members on projects and internal agency functioning. The faculty advisor will meet regularly with the Executive Director, and serve as a liaison between them and the Communication Division.

Executive Director - Position held by graduate or outstanding undergraduate students in the Communication Division. The Executive Director will work as the top leader, guiding TWE in its various endeavors as an agency and supervising Directors and Coordinators on every project. In addition, Executive Directors will be responsible for ensuring that Directors and their teams are working creatively and efficiently. Executive Directors will meet regularly with the faculty advisor to discuss and strategize TWE's progress as an agency.

Directors (3) – Positions held by qualified undergraduate students in the fields of Advertising, Public Relations and Media. Directors will take lead on project development in their respective areas, and will regularly meet with clients. They will supervise coordinators and will manage a team as needed to see each campaign to successful completion. Directors will organize campaigns, leading creative and strategic initiatives to meet client needs.

Coordinators – Positions held by undergraduate students who are passionate about strategic communications. Coordinators will support their Directors on projects in Advertising, Public Relations, and Media, planning, producing and executing strategic elements for client campaigns. Coordinators may excel in overall strategic communication or specific areas of expertise such as design, writing, website development, social media, videography, event planning, etc.

Project Associates – Positions held by qualified undergraduate students who are passionate about strategic communication. Project Associates will support Coordinators and Directors in their respective field of interest; PR, Advertising, Media and/or Marketing on a project-by-project basis as needed. Project Associates gain real world experience in these fields as they work with the team on client projects.

Communication Credit and limited scholarships available for members for this agency.

Download the New Member Application here and email your completed application to thewaveseffect@gmail.com

For more information please contact the executive team at thewaveseffect@gmail.com  


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